Will all customers, old and new, please read this page thoroughly each time


There are two methods of  buying The Stockhausen Edition CDs through the society:.


 Members and non-members can simply telephone their bank, ask for the appropriate amount of money to transferred to the society's bank account and send me an e-mail at ludovicus@btinternet.com. giving your account number for reference   Bank sort code: 08 90 46 Acc. no.50630459. Prices are as listed in shopping  cart.

UK purchasers are requested, wherever possible, to use a simple transfer from own bank to society's bank account. If Paypal is more convenient, we will accept such transactions.


As from August 22nd 2002, coincidentally Stockhausen's birthday, the Stockhausen Edition CDs can be bought by credit card through paypal.com.. Signing up with paypal is very simple, and is the method chosen by the Stockhausen Society to allow you to buy these wonderful CDs by credit card at the lowest possible prices with an easy and efficient system.

Paypal.com is a large company with 17 million customers rising by thousands daily, and I found that many members were already using Paypal in order to purchase items on the net, long before the society discovered the service and wish that someone had told me about it sooner. So if you are new to Paypal and sign up to purchase Stockhausen CDs, note that you can purchase items from hundreds of businesses world wide as well.

                                                               RECEIVING CDs by AIRMAIL
                           It is now possible to ask Stockhausen Verlag to send CDs by Airmail
                            email to ludovicus@btinternet.com for the additional price in euros.

                                                             HOW THE SERVICE WORKS

Each time an order is made through Paypal, an e-mail is sent alerting me to this. Every Friday, the week's orders are e-mailed to Stockhausen-Verlag: they are then packed on Saturday at the Verlag and posted on the following Monday. If you begin to wonder where your CDs are, please do not complain to Paypal or to me: rest assured that the email has been sent and its receipt acknowledged. All CDs are sent by surface mail which is naturally slower than by airmail (see next paragraph)

                                                       POSTING METHOD FROM THE VERLAG 
CDs are sent by the Verlag by surface mail, not air mail. This can take 8 weeks from the moment of despatch by the Verlag. Orders are emailed every Friday. Time taken for your package to arrive could be up to 10 weeks if to the Far East e.g Japan and could be 8 weeks to America, although three to four weeks is the norm. [NB The longest time taken was 11 weeks from Krten to Western Canada]                                      

The price of CDs includes packing and posting by surface mail to anywhere in the world.

Any further questions can be sent to the above e-mail address.

Hon. Sec